Updated May 15, 2021

Unbeatable Value

- Compared to Local Options -

Enhancement is purely optional - but you'll love it!

Featured presence on Creston 1 is just $5-10 per month... a tiny fraction of what other local media / marketing services charge.  With more active listings than all other Creston Valley outlets COMBINED, we provide the highest effective level of long-term content/coverage, for an unbeatable value in every situation.  It's a no-brainer!

For example:

  • Broadcast TV - using $60 per 30-second spot (presuming a very low $6 CPM and a 10K market segment), running just 3 times a day and including production costs will cost an average of $6,000 per month.  Hypothetical only, as few if any organizations locally choose this medium.
  • FM Radio - using $20 per 30-second spot as a bare minimum, running 3-4 times a day would cost an average of $2,000 per month (including basic production).
  • Newspaper - a quarter-page monochrome ad (4-colour is an extra-cost option) in a low-cost weekly community newspaper (2,300 copies nominal) is estimated to cost $1,000 per month.  This is based on 24 column-inches per issue at $10.40 per column inch.  A standard page is 8 columns wide and 12 inches tall.
  • Magazine - using conservative operational cost estimates, a full-page colour ad in a free monthly colour publication (several thousand copies produced) costs at least $600 per month.
  • Billboard - $100 per month plus expensive graphic panel materials, production and installation
  • Novelty Flat Sheet - a half-page low resolution randomly placed B/W ad in a free bi-weekly circular (several thousand copies distributed) costs $450 per month.  Business-card-sized ads cost $80 per month.  
  • Direct Mail - at least $100 per month (annualized) for a one-time 5K distribution including materials.
  • Franchise Online Shopping Directory - listings run from $50-$200 per month, depending on enhancement level.

SERVICES/PRICING GST.   Email us for a range of specific solutions.


Standard Directory Listings

Adding or modifying a standard Creston 1 directory listing is free.
Keep yours (or someone's you love!) up to date easily via email.   


Feature-Enhanced Participation

$5/month, prepaid annually ($60), plus $20 initial setup
- includes Highlighted Listing Presence (Bold or Highlight) plus in many cases a second concurrent record on the AUDIENCE INDEX entry.  It's hard to miss!

Annual upgrade options shown below incur setup fees of $20 per level or subsequent modification (special production, if required, is extra):
A. Upgrade to Single Category Context Proximity Display Ad Image
B. Upgrade from "A" to Multiple Image Slider Display Ad
C. Upgrade from "B" to Video (free hosting is available)
D. Upgrade from "C" to a custom web FOCUS page hosted on 

The ads in items A-C appear ahead of the related directory listings, and are presented in descending order of the date in which they were there is definitely an incentive to act promptly!

"A" and "C" type Display Ads are also presented in our unique "Feature Participants Gallery" for free.  That's a pretty impressive feature!

There will also be a limited number of Display Ad placement opportunities on valuable non-Directory pages...inquire early on these.


A. Single image parallax ads feature a quality full-width user-supplied background with the organization title embedded, plus one or two foreground phrases (that slide up as the user scrolls down over the image) and optionally a call to action/link.   Note that portions of the image may be trimmed off in mobile device view.

Note:  Contact details (Address/Map/Phone etc.) are not generally required in the Display Ads as the related standard listing section is usually close by and contains that information already.  

B. 2-4 image ads have short subtitles per image and have the organization title and call to action/link above the ad group.  Text copy can be embedded in the image.  Several formats are available, including a full screen slider and an animated slide show with advanced transitions. 

C. 30-second video clips, with playback launched on button click, set on a full-width background image which has the organization title embedded on it.  Roughly the content equivalent of 6 images, this option may have music and narration as well.  We normally host the video content, saving you money and avoiding the risk of "leakage" (having external servers drop in other distracting content choices when the clip playback ends)...for production, see item #5 below.

D. FOCUS page: A dedicated top-level section of the site, with attractive design functionality that we will custom build and maintain for you. The permalink website URL would be

If all materials are provided, it takes about 1.5 hours ($90) to develop and publish a typical responsive site. Additional production, optional media and periodic content updates are extra (see #5).   


High Class-ified Ads 

Our high-content searchable Classified section has 3 placement levels:

Level 1:  Based on a single-page PDF file...which is a decent amount of information, when you allow for hyper-links and images.  $30/year + $10 setup

Level 2:  Involves a multi-page PDF file, up to 100 pages.   $40/year + $10 setup

Level 3:  A dedicated sub-directory with a mix of up to 10 document types, including video, images and PDF's.  $60/year + $20 setup

For production or adjustment, see #5 below.

NOTE: Our High-Classified system is intended for all types of advertisers... there are no other product purchase qualifications involved.


Calendar Cubed

The "Main Event" Calendar is free for community associations to promote their events and regular meetings, via email instructions to our coordinator.

A related Google Calendar component is available and may be voluntarily linked into a resident's personal online calendar system for convenient portable reference and alerts. 

In addition to Main Event entries, the Google Calendar is also accessible for FREE to any feature-enhanced Directory Plus participants for their moderated use (up to 1 announcement every 2 weeks) in directly sharing schedules of upcoming sales events, etc..  Again, wow.


Digital Production

Some of the incremental services we can provide locally, promptly and far below typical market value include:

Assisting with ad copy or other written content;
Assisting with print layouts for PDF;
Creating video or interactive slide shows;
Creating digital "whiteboard" animations;
Developing promotional websites; 
Hosting video content;
Processing images;
Providing voice-overs and music backgrounds;
- $60/hour - billed in 5-minute if something takes us 14 minutes, we only charge $10, not $30 or $60.  Wow.

Creston 1 is part of our KOOTENAYS regional network, also featuring
 Kootenays, East Kootenays,
West Kootenays,
Cranbrook 1, Castlegar 1,
Rossland Trail BC,
Revelstoke 1 and See Nelson 

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