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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for top-level participation issues.  We'll also be producing a separate mini-series of help documents on specific technical items that you can select from and review via email.

Kudos - Testimonials

Here's where our users share their positive experiences, both with our site / network concept, as well as with our participating organizations.  Thanks in advance from everyone and please keep your comments brief, genuine and kind. 

How can you reach us?

The most efficient approach to begin a dialog with us is via Email.  That gives us a decent record of our conversations and commitments.
We can also connect via Text and Phone if a particular project requires immediate interaction.  Our Creston address will be provided when a courier transfer is needed.

Participant FAQ's

Updated March 5, 2021


How do I get my creative materials to you?

We have several inbound file transfer options (eg. Dropbox, FTP, etc.) or you can provide a link to your own local archive (eg. Google Drive, One Drive, etc.).  In many cases, email attachment works fine too.  We'll discuss the specifics with you when you're ready.


How do I get a production and/or listing quote?

We'll give you a range of solution pricing options including bundle discounts, and supply a component-based estimate on any production work.  We keep it simple, specific and we stick to our quote...we want you to be pleased!


When and how am I invoiced, is this subject to GST and what are the payment options

We bill on a very generous quarterly basis (terms net-30), reflecting the probability of one or more minor adjustment fees accruing during this period, and to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.  So if an annual ad placement for 2022 was committed to on Dec.15th, 2021, we would confirm customer satisfaction to-date in March and generate an invoice for the entire year (plus any additional accrued services) at the beginning of April, 2022.

Our services are subject to GST, and our Business License and CRA tax revenue account is under Adstore Systems Consultants. 

Our preferred payment method is Interac Efunds Transfer (EFT).  This is easy for everyone and definitely keeps our processing costs down.  We'll provide details in our first invoice to you. If you do need to pay in another format (credit card or cheque), just let us know at the outset.


What is the placement period and do you pro-rate participation?

Annual placement refers to a calendar year, and rates are prorated to reflect the number of full months already transpired (this does not apply to setup fees).  For instance, if an advertiser began their site presence any time in April, they would pay 9/12th's of the annual placement fee, and the listing would come up for renewal on January 1st.


What are the incentives for us committing to annual placement asap?  What happens if we need to make small adjustments during the year?

Display ads are presented in descending order of their annual placement date, while reflecting previous year priority upon renewal. 

So to be at or near the top of this group usually requires an early commitment to the initial listing, and an uninterrupted renewal in following years.  Also we will limit the size of context-display listing groups if the volume of ads detracts from the viewing experience of the related category data list.  So get in before cutoff!

Small content adjustments to an ad on Creston 1 typically cost $5-10.  You will get an email confirmation and the charge will show up on your next quarterly invoice.


What are the basic enhancement options?

Please see our PARTICIPATION section.  If you would like to explore other options, please feel to contact us - it's still somewhat experimental around here!


What do you require in terms of license info and model releases?

Until otherwise advised, we're going with the participating advertiser's written confirmation that they have secured all necessary authorizations to present their creative/content on our platform, and that we will not be liable for any copyright infringement if their assurances turn out to be invalid.  We will work with advertisers to source royalty-free materials wherever needed.


May we share with you our pricing/performance experiences in other marketing channels to help you set future value objectives?

Absolutely - knowing the comparative value propositions from actual users of competing systems will help us set realistic performance measures of user satisfaction, and also provide broad reassurance to advertisers that we are providing the best real-world value for their very small investment with us. While we are aware of many of the posted rates for alternative media, we suspect that few organizations actually pay these full amounts - the ROI seems to be unsustainable.

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B Archibald       

I'm seeing Creston1 as a pre-launch edition.  With so many records already, it is super thorough and very useful.  Zero exasperation - yay! 

I'm sending the link  to my friends and family on the coast - they will be impressed by how much is actually here.

I McDowell

Wow, take everything else that is available in the Valley - in terms of marketing power - and triple it; Creston1 is even better than we could have expected. 

Can't wait for the full regional network to roll out this summer!

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