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Directory Listings

Adding or modifying a directory listing is free.  Keep yours (or someone's you love!) up to date easily via email.  


Category Context Display Ads

These ads appear ahead of the related directory listings, and are presented in descending order of the date in which they were placed...so there is definitely an incentive to act promptly!

All Display Ads (Lead Images or Video) are also presented in our unique "Feature Participants Gallery" for free.  It's a pretty impressive feature!

And all Display Ad participants have their Directory Plus entries starred (*) and BOLDED* for additional prominence.  A great value overall!

Having contact details (Address/Map/Phone etc.) in the Display Ads is not generally required as the related standard listing section is usually close by and contains those links already.  Having an extra link to the business website is a worthwhile redundancy however.

There will also be a limited number of Display Ad placement opportunities on valuable non-Directory pages...just ask, especially if you want more than one!

A. Single image parallax ads feature a quality full width user-supplied background with the organization title embedded, plus one or two foreground sentences (that slide up as the user scrolls down over the image) and a call to action/link.   Note that L/R sides may be trimmed off on mobile screens in portrait mode.
 - $60/year + $10 setup

B. Two, Three or Four image ads have short subtitles per image and have the organization title and call to action/link above the ad group.  Text copy can be embedded in the image.  Several formats are available, including gallery, full screen slider (L/R sides will be trimmed off on mobile screens), and animated slide show with advanced transitions. 
- $80/year + $20 setup 

C. 30-second video clips, with a player launched on button click, set on a full-width background image which has the organization title embedded on it.  Roughly the content equivalent of 6 images, this option may have music and narration as well.  We host the video content, which saves money and avoids the risk of "leakage" (having external servers drop in other distracting content choices when the playback ends).
- $100/year + $20 setup...for production, see item #5 below.


High Classified Ads 

Our high-content searchable Classified section has 3 placement levels.
The first is based on a single-page PDF file...that's still a lot of information, when you allow for live links and images.  The second level involves a multi-page PDF file, up to 100 pages.  The third level involves a dedicated sub-directory with a mix of up to 10 document types, including video, images and PDF's.  For production or adjustment, see #5 below.
- Level 1:  $40/year (or $5/month) + $10 setup 
- Level 2: $50/year + $10 setup
- Level 3:  $70/year + $20 setup
NOTE: Classified users do not require a Display Ad or even be part of our Directory Plus database to use this tool.  It is intended for all types of users.


Calendar Cubed

The main event calendar is free for community associations to promote their events and regular meetings.  The Google Calendar component (which may  be voluntarily linked into any residents' personal calendars, including Apple, for separate reference) includes those events. The Google Calendar module is also available to any organization listed in our Directory Plus for their use by an authorized representative to post information about upcoming sales events, etc.
- $60/year for moderated Google Calendar use by commercial organizations (up to 1 announcement every 2 weeks)


Multimedia and Document Production

Some of the incremental services we can provide locally, promptly and far below market value include:
Preparing images (sizing, enhancing, adding text overlays, making web-ready);
Assisting with ad copy or other written content;
Providing voice-overs and music backgrounds;
Creating video or interactive MS Powerpoint slide shows of any size;
Assisting with print layouts for PDF;
Managing, hosting video content;
- $60/hour - billed in full-5-minute increments. 
[This is very generous as many service suppliers charge a full hour increment, so 15 minutes work would still cost a full hour's fee, and most tech suppliers have much higher base rates.  By comparison, if something takes us 14 minutes, we only charge $10.]


Package Pricing Sample

If you want to go all out, our All In package is worth considering:
A 4-image ad in your directory context area;
A single image ad on the Calendar Cubed or Faves & Raves page
A 30 second video in the All Featured Participants gallery;
A level 3 High Classified presence; 
An announcement position on our community Google Calendar
- $300/year plus $30 setup - that is $110 off our already crazy low rates

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Several side-scrolling or gallery-style options

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