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An exciting Creston Valley resource supporting quality local connections from Yahk to Riondel and southern Kootenay Lake.  Find and Be Found…It’s All Here!

Unique features include the convenient AUDIENCE Index view with all information on just 4 well-illustrated pages and the ALL-RECORDS super-compact single page view.  

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We grouped the site's AUDIENCE-SECTOR directory content by its most common target markets to keep the category scope manageable.   In case you'd rather see EVERYTHING asap, we do have all of the local entries available (with additional features too) in our All-Records view.  Wow - nobody else has that. 

Our small-town approach also ensures that featured participants are given optimum exposure by placing them close to their particular category (we call it "context-proximate-placement").  We also provide a FEATURED! showcase of our site supporters.

Compared to us, other directory models seem hollow, ultimately with little practical information
(= exasperation and time wasted, as in the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch from 1971) and annoying amounts of distracting syndicated advertising served up on frequent next-page-turns (showing only 20-30 results per page, where we have hundreds - or thousands - of records per page).

This is where our extra-special features jump out and answers to your questions abound. 

Even more than a pair of powerful directory systems, we offer dynamic high-content promotion (multi-media classified ads and context-proximate-placement display ads), custom web-presence (permalinks), event schedule promotion, and user-generated-content (UGC) accessible in the form of inspiring / motivating / entertaining content recommendations. 

Who knows how much more we'll add before the full network is ready?!                             

This concept was designed to grow... although single-handed, it will take until early 2022 to complete in-depth coverage of the Kootenays.   At that time we'll consider expansion into other regions of the province.

We have a lot more really cool plans on the horizon, and we're looking forward to involving you on the cutting edge!


Connecting visitors and residents with our businesses and local experts...
Just what you need, anytime you need it! 
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What is CRESTON 1?

We are a locally-produced directory of connections to resources, products, services and opportunities in the Creston Valley area, from Crawford Bay to Yahk.  And so much more!

Creston Valley Visitor Centre

It's All Here!

Every active business is presented here, and while some may have enhanced presence, all have web-links and/or phone numbers where available. No frustration and maximum utility for users.

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We use modern responsive design for any device, from desktop to smartphone.  Clean and compact...
Report a glitch, suggest an addition, or contribute images/video - please contact us to make this site even better!

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Core Functions

With 1,250 direct connections (including live links, map locations and smart-phone active calling) validated regularly, we are a super-directory of Creston Valley-related products, services and activities. 

It's all here, set up by category for easy scanning, sorting and filtering.  You'll find it fast, and stay focused, having a good time exploring along the way.   We've also worked to ensure that there are minimal dead-ends or inappropriate results, and we welcome your input in enhancing the long term value of our database. 

We also provide easy access to relevant multimedia collections (images, videos, documents) to help celebrate all that we’re so lucky to have here.               

High-content, searchable, and creatively designed multi-page ads with
multimedia options, easily shared and printed.  There's nothing else like it!

Our Directory systems help you find suppliers.  High Class-ifieds is where you will find detailed information on what products and services are available

A pair of useful event systems:

First, a conventional table of event links that can be sorted and filtered.

Second, an interactive multi-user calendar that can provide participants with short-notice 24/7 event information and reminders. Event listings can be managed directly by authorized organization officials and accessed automatically via any device. 

Local user recommendations for inspiring and entertaining content on external social media sites, including Youtube and Facebook.   We'll be merging this into an even larger regional resource in early 2022.

Super flexible, the system will also feature presentations about local "heroes" and rising stars going above and beyond in a variety of fields, plus a range of personal and commercial success stories.

Primary categories are:  Achievement / Inspiration, Animals, Art, Comedy, Dance, Lifestyle, Music, Nature, and Other.

High quality in-context multimedia marketing options for enhanced site participation that cost just pennies a day: a tiny fraction of what traditional providers charge for far less performance.

Plus, we'll develop your multimedia materials quickly and at far below local market rates...if you provide us with a script and source files, producing a preliminary 30 second video might take about an hour and cost about $60.  Wow. 

Cross-promotion and efficient consolidation are key benefits of our network, potentially reaching over 100,000 local residents, backed by an integrated directory database of thousands of entries, most with direct hyperlinks and contact information and many with attractive featured enhancements.  Launching later in 2021/22, web brands include: 

Kootenays .net   
East Kootenays       
West Kootenays  
Castlegar 1      Cranbrook 1 
Creston 1      Revelstoke 1
Rossland Trail BC     See Nelson


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